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Review: Cool glamour at Nikki Beach's White Party 2016

The Ibiza party on all our calendars

White is in – especially when it's the much awaited Nikki Beach Ibiza White Party, the annual event that's on everyone's calendars. This year was expected to be the best yet and the stops were really pulled out with an ancient Greco/Roman theme. The super-glam beach club and restaurant was transformed, in honour of the Gods of wine, music, dance and of course Ibiza.

Special guest DJs including Mademoiselle Sabah, Charly Q and Krystal Roxx took us through the day with tunes pumping out in this East-coast haven of luxury and fun. Known as the “sexiest place on earth” this day saw that moniker come to life with extravagant displays of well, everything. Dancers with feathered wings; topless male waiters with glistening skin and gold laurel wreaths on their heads; drummers, and dancers with fabulous feather ponchos - all dressed in their sparkling whites.

One of the highlights was the fabulously glamorous female saxophonist, Anastasia McQueen, who supported the DJ and who everyone just adored. This got people up and dancing all over the venue as day turned into night and the party took hold. There were inflatable horses, contortionists, live violinists and acts of agility from acrobats, the entertainment seemingly never stopping. We were mesmerised.

Nikki Beach Ibiza is known for its appeal to the Jet Set and International VIPs as well as its sleek décor of all-white sunbeds, chic drapery and white teepees – you could almost say they own white and indeed glamour. Nikki Beach Ibiza's world-class menu offers something for all and its sushi is second to none, including its famous Sushi Dragon platter that gives you temptingly tasty sea treasures. Plenty of it was being enjoyed during this spectacular day, accompanied by bubbles and cocktails.

There can be no White Party without the champagne spray, which the crowd was almost literally lapping up as much as the magnificent performances. The pre-announcement offered magic and adventure and it did just that and more. We're looking forward to what next year's White Party will bring that could possibly top this one. We are sure that the guys at Nikki Beach Ibiza will have it more than covered.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote PHOTOGRAPHY | Remy for Nikki Beach

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