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Privilege opening party sparks the season

The mammoth San Rafael super-club sets the tone for an exciting season at its opening party.

San Rafael super-club Privilege attracts some of the best talent out there and same went for its opening party on Friday. The behemoth main room and Vista Club opened their doors to the Ibiza masses. Big crowds showed up to celebrate.

Year after year the massive club continues to go from strength-to-strength. With a capacity of 10,000, the super-club is the ultimate venue for promoters and DJs to get the place rocking.

Here's what went down at the world's biggest club on its first night of Ibiza 2018.

Energy Building

Privilege's opening line-up on paper was truly a mixed bag. All the separate ingredients were tasty, but that doesn't always mean they go together. Curious to see what taste the night would bring, we centred ourselves in the main room just as Ben Santiago and Lovely Laura took to the stage.

For any music fan, this was a true delight. Ben Santiago offered complementing beats behind the decks whilst Lovely Laura rocked the main room with her seriously impressive saxophone skills. KiNK's uplifting remix of Unit 2's Sunshine towards the end of the set was the climax. The energy of the place was profound, and this was just the beginning.

Experience Shows

House music icon David Morales was up next. With his professionalism and experience, he created the perfect set for his time slot. He had an hour and a half to make his mark on the night, and he did that brilliantly.

At times it almost felt like a live performance, but his quick transitions and track changes received a positive reaction. The beats were fast, heavy and untiring. Camelphat's Cola received the best response from a crowd, enjoying a mix of classic instrumental house music to more mainstream electronic dance.

Towards the end of the set, the beats were slowed and the pace was set perfectly for the headline act.


The main room dancefloor was poised and ready. Sister Bliss of Faithless announced herself straight away with a thumping start.

Grum's electro-infused stomper Shout got the crowd's attention but it was Above & Beyond's remix of Faithless own Salva Mea 2.0 that almost blew the roof back off of Privilege.

What was most impressive about Sister Bliss was her range of music. As she blended more recognised tunes with lesser-known ones, she still managed to please a more mainstream crowd. Maceo Plex's Mutant Moog ft. Maars came from the leftfield but still received a rapturous reception.

This performance was a true exhibition of Sister Bliss's aptitude for music. The subtle changes in pace and genre, whilst still retaining energy, gave this set the worthy plaudits it deserves.

In The Vista Club

Sasha going back-to-back with Kölsch for a sunrise set in the glassed Vista Club could not but be magical.

Despite a minor sound cut just one song in, the expert music titans set the tone for what was going to be a journey in one of the most picturesque places on the island.

It was a measured start and it took time to adjust after coming straight from a pumping Faithless set in the other room. Once that happened, the euphoria was overwhelming. It felt like the Vista Club was made for Sasha and Kölsch that night. They owned it.

A Mixed bag, an amazing result

Privilege's opening party was exciting and explorative. You can argue that in some cases, putting together different kinds of acts under the same roof doesn't always work. On this night it did and it was a privilege to be there.

Missed it? Worry not. Head here for all the parties going on at Privilege this summer.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Marc de Groot ​

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