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Grand Finale for IMS Dalt Vila 2019

Beyond the elements.

After two glorious days of sunshine coinciding with being holed away in a conference room, it was typical that rain should be forecast on the final day of International Music Summit (IMS). That did not stop us, however.

Forever the optimists, we clung onto hope although our weather apps were consistent in their predictions. All that collective positive thinking proved ineffective, and at one point the unseasonal downpour looked like it might result in a Dalt Vila washout.

The thing with Ibiza is that the party never stops. Partiers always find a way. And the wet conditions weren't about to become an obstacle too big to manoeuvre.

Imagine falling at the first hurdle? Separating the committed from the chaff - there was no way this would put the hardcore ravers off.

Whilst early attendance definitely suffered, the sun was shining in our hearts - if not elsewhere - as against the odds IMS raised the curtain on summer 2019.

As it turned out, the apparent adverse weather had quite the opposite effect with IMS delivering one of the best Dalt Vila parties of recent times. It seemed as though attendees threw caution to wind and decided to not to let the rain ruin their fun.

Dancing in the rain

Scrambling away from the conference itself, the dash to the port was a slippery caper. Arriving in the UNESCO World Heritage Site just in time for Luciano who seemed in typically flamboyant mood, jiving around on stage.

Because it is IMS and because why not, an old favourite was thrown into the mix. David Morales' timeless remix of Jamiroquai's Space Cowboy was the track of choice. If there as still any lingering doubt that the weather had put a downer on people's moods, the crowd reaction proved otherwise.

Next up was the pairing of Nicole Moudaber and a resourceful component of Palestine's hidden scene SAMA. Having just hosted a live edition of her In the MOOD Radio show from backstage, Nicole was already riding a wave of momentum.

To her eternal credit, SAMA - the less experienced of the two - showed no signs of being star-struck, matching her partner tune-for-tune. It was clear that these empowered women worked well alongside each other, producing arguably the best set of the day.

Slowly Dalt Vila was beginning to fill up. Those who had earlier been put off by the rain obviously realised they would be missing out. Better late than never, right?

Due a family bereavement, Joseph Capriati was pardoned, instead travelling home to Italy. Sending all our love and thoughts to Joseph and his family, the rejuvenated Luciano returned to the stage to take his place next to co-founder Pete Tong.

Often these last minute changes spark some interesting moments, and this was the case here.

Headlining pair Adam & Ida were due on next and, finally, the masses had arrived.

The year of the Beyers

During their joint IMS keynote interview, techno's power couple seemed at ease and content. Ibiza is their home. Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg have a special connection with the island, intent of giving back as equally as they take. They cannot picture a time when they will not base themselves here.

On Thursday they launched the new Drumcode clothing line at Ibiza Town boutique reVOLVER, in collaboration with designer Thom Krom. Plus, they'll both be popping up at venues and events across the island, all summer.

But perhaps more significant are their ethical investments here, such as their conservation efforts. The two are devoted to saving the island's animals, both wild and domestic.

From this performance, it seemed that the island and its clubbing community reciprocate the infatuation.

Plenty of previous evidence shows Ida has a way of changing her husband's DJ dynamic when they play together. Like all good relationships, she brings a side of his personality out that is only reserved for those kindred moments.

We don't have to wait to see the married couple share a booth again, with another matrimonial b2b scheduled for Cocoon this Monday. Both have been a big part of the party's identity down the years, and this latest set only adds further anticipation to the Grand Opening.

If Adam and Ida had been the biggest names on the line-up, then attendees could have been forgiven for thinking the night had drawn to a conclusion. Not the case. The accelerator was about to be pushed to the floor as the controls were handed to the final act.

A white knuckle finish

Night had fallen and a change in mood with it. Choosing to open her set on this foreboding spoken vocal, we knew from the off that Charlotte de Witte was going to take Dalt Vila to a realm seldom visited.

Whether had any positive input in ensuring Charlotte de Witte got the closing slot or not, it was an inspirational piece of programming. The young Belgian rose to the occasion, manifesting into the headline artist she is touted of being. No signs of stage-fright here.

Soon it became clear that de Witte had no intentions of curbing her ferocious style, as she ripped her way through a high-tempo set. With lights cutting through the rising smoke atop of the old town, an atmospheric setting for a techno onslaught was laid before us.

Unloading stomper after stomper, it's little wonder the prodigy from Ghent has become the hottest property in the scene. Slight of frame, she nonetheless owns beats so big they probably registered on the Richter scale. The ancient walls were in danger of being shaken to the floor.

Sometimes you need a gentle reminder that one of the simplest of life's joys is learning to dance in the rain. Proof that when an up-for-it crowd comes together, it doesn't matter whether it rains or shines.

Despite the doom and gloom, IMS underlined at how resilient this island's clubbing fraternity can be when necessary. In any case, brighter days are just around the corner with normal service already having resumed.

More importantly, we can now declare Ibiza's party scene formally open for 2019. In light of the evidence presented on Friday night, it has all the makings of a classic season.

Until next year, see you again Dalt Vila - a blast, as always.

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