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Relive Alfredo's Balearic playlist

Please donate to the Go Fund Me campaign if you can.


Alfredo Fiorito, AKA DJ Alfredo, is not only the "original Ibiza DJ" but the innovative Godfather of Balearic Beat.

The club scene on Ibiza, and the dance music industry in general, owes him a great deal of gratitude.

Unfortunately, our much-loved Alfredo has suffered recent health complications. This combined with the financial strain of the pandemic has meant Alfredo is in need of our help.

We are asking our readers, Ibiza lovers and the wider house music community to donate whatever you can afford at this Go Fund Me page.

Any donation, no matter what size, will be greatly appreciated and will go towards helping Alfredo get back on his feet.

We are republishing this playlist from March 2020 to remind everybody of the gift that Alfredo has given to the world.

Alfredo has inspired generations of DJs to explore the realms of unconventional musical blending.

His deeply eclectic sets call on all forms of disco, dub, afro, pop, soul, house and everything in-between. The brilliance of his record digging and famously steamy selections encompass the true essence of hedonism and inclusivity of Ibiza.

This borderless diversity is reflected within this selection.

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