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The Ibiza Food Bank has arrived!

Hope is on the way for those in need.

This week saw the launch of a new charity initiative here on Ibiza - The Ibiza Food Bank. Spearheaded by local businessman, Luke Peppe, the aim is to create a network of 250 volunteers to support local farmers during harvest season and distribute food to those in hardship due to the current health crisis.

Surplus local produce, funded by your donations, will be used to create nutritious food packages that will be available at the Ibiza Food Bank in Playa Den Bossa, where the food will be sorted, stored and distributed to the Red Cross, Caritas and Doctors of the World. Ibiza residents will also be able to donate food directly to the food bank.

As a foreigner who has lived on Ibiza for 17 years, Luke feels it is his duty to try and help. "The island has given so much to the foreigners who live here and now it's time we give something back", he says. "My plan is to convert our café in Playa d'en Bossa into a food bank - to create a valuable resource for locals in need, who can collect free food and other essentials. For those who are not able to travel, we will be offering a delivery service".

Ibiza's residents have been on strict lockdown since 13 March 2020, impacting the island's economy drastically, and the majority depend on tourism for their livelihood. At a time when Ibiza's workforce should be preparing for the summer season, many now find themselves without income, savings or food.

The economic cycle in Ibiza relies entirely upon the six-month summer season. By Spring, islanders have spent their savings surviving the long winter and are looking forward to starting work again and receiving their first paycheque in 6 months. Now, the outbreak of Covid-19 disease has cast enormous doubt on the 2020 tourist season.

There are two main groups who urgently require help:

  • The service industry, who should be opening bars, hotels, restaurants, shops and restarting jobs in April, now find themselves with no income.

  • The farming community, who rely on the hotels and restaurants buying their produce, which is harvested in May, are unable to harvest the current crop or plant the next one.

This courageous initiative is supported by some of Ibiza's leading names, including Pikes, Ibiza Rocks, IMS and IbizaPreservation. We at Ibiza Spotlight would also like to lend our full support, to help these two communities survive the troubled times ahead. Help is needed urgently! Only last week one main charity ran out of food. So we ask our followers to please get involved and to show the Ibiza Food Bank your generosity.

To make a donation, or to volunteer your practical help if living on the island, visit Ibiza Food Bank or via Facebook

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