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How to stay safe on your Ibiza holiday this summer

Protect yourselves, protect us.

Due to the efforts of the local population and authorities, we have effectively eradicated the Coronavirus from Ibiza and Formentera. Although some cases do still exist on the island, the numbers are very low and are strictly controlled. As the tourism season finally gets underway in Ibiza and we welcome visitors from all over Europe, new measures are in place to reduce the spread of the virus and prevent any future outbreaks.

Keeping Ibiza safe and open to tourism is in everyone's interest, in order to enjoy all the island has to offer. Please stay vigilant and, although you are on holiday, don't forget, the safety practices you have been following during the period of lockdown in your own country still apply here.

When and where do I have to wear a mask?

Masks are essential for capturing the aerosol droplets escaping from your nose and mouth and are worn as a courtesy to protect others. It is advisable to bring a good supply of comfortable, reusable cloth masks and to wash or replace them frequently.

The Balearic Island government has just made the wearing of masks mandatory in most public areas, except in the following situations: at the beach, whilst playing sport, swimming and in bars or restaurants, whilst eating or drinking. We understand the idea behind this policy, as it will help to protect us and you, and ensure the islands can stay open for future holidaymakers, for the rest of the summer.

Clearly this rule extends to public transport, taxis and car sharing.

Read this article for the latest up to date info on where and when to use a mask on Ibiza

What other protocols will I have to follow in public places?

Washing hands thoroughly and frequently is absolutely necessary and is still the best personal protection there is. Shops, bars and restaurants all provide hydroalcoholic cleansing gels, which you are expected to use on entry.

Please respect the venue capacity and maintain the social distancing regulations of 1.5 to 2m when talking to staff. In bars, everyone must be seated, and it is not permitted to sit and drink at the bar.

We strongly recommend reserving all restaurants in advance to ensure you get a table.

What will my hotel/accommodation do to protect me?

The safety and security of guests and staff remains their highest priority. Every hotel is complying with strict regulations regarding the deep cleansing of their establishments and each hotel should have a person dedicated to customer liaison for health issues.

Hotel staff will be expected to wear masks and gloves and to maintain a safe distance when talking to you. Daily temperature checks are mandatory for all staff before entering the venues and, generally, all staff will be scheduled to work on the same shifts together.

All hotels are committed to the regular disinfection of communal surfaces and must provide hand sanitising stations. Some hotels will even leave a room unoccupied for 48 hours between client visits.

What to do if I start to feel unwell?

Please remain vigilant during your stay for any symptoms of COVID-19 infection. If you experience a cough, flu-like fever or difficulty breathing, immediately report to the front desk of your hotel, who will then contact the medical authorities. Alternatively, dial 061 and ask to be attended in English or German.

Can Misses General Hospital is located on the outskirts of Ibiza Town, on Carrer de Corona and the emergency department (Urgencies) is open 24 hours.

For patients with private medical insurance, there are various private clinics on the island, but the largest and best equipped to deal with Coronavirus patients is Policlinica Rosario in Ibiza Town, located on Via Romana.

Spotlight Comment: There have only been 224 deaths from COVID-19 on the Balearics since it started. As we mentioned above, Coronavirus has largely been eradicated here. However, there is always a danger of new spikes as tourists come to the island.

You might not like the idea of wearing a mask whilst out and about, but these measures are all about keeping Ibiza COVID-free. And we can promise you, the beaches are better than ever, and you won't have to wear a mask on the beach. The water is crystal clear and already about 24ºC. There are cloudless skies and only a fraction of the normal amount of people on the island.

You will never be able to experience Ibiza again under these uncrowded conditions. Imagine easily getting a sunbed at Cala Bassa, or having your own generous space at Las Salinas or on Ses Illetes on Formentera!

We are sure you are all aware how much the people on the island depend on tourism. By respecting these safety measures, we can all hopefully keep the island free from new Coronavirus spikes and thereby, especially in this much shorter season, helping as much of Ibiza as possible to get through the winter.

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