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Review | Akasha reopening party

A little northern exposure for the legendary DJ Sasha.

This weekend saw the official 2022 opening of Akasha at Las Dalias in San Carlos.

The event on Friday 25 February featured legendary DJ and producer Sasha and the founder of the much-loved local station, Ibiza Sonica Radio, Igor Marijuán on the decks.

Naturally, Ibiza Spotlight sent a team to check out the vibe at the most promising nightlife venues in the north-east of the island.

After convening for drinks in the newly refurbished bar at Las Dalias, we made our way to the interior of the venue where Igor Marijuán was getting the evening rolling with an eclectic mix of Deep House.

Enter Sasha. The renowned Ibiza stalwart took over at 01:00 and upped the tempo with his distinctive mix of Progressive House, Breaks and Electronica. In no time, the dancefloor thronged with jubilant partygoers - some 250 or so - made up of older island residents and young clubbers, all eager to let their hair down.

It was classic Sasha – his hypnotic set was driven by deep basslines and melodic highs. Memorable highlights included Pablo Fierro's Before and the melancholic German Fall by andhim, which produced an instant effect on his fans surrounding the booth.

It really was a magical feeling to be out revelling among the happy, smiling cosmopolitan crowd who form the core of Ibiza's northern nightlife scene.

Everywhere people were dancing, smiling, laughing and embracing one another. As for the venue itself, the organisers have done an amazing job remodelling it with subtle lighting, a central DJ cabin, two bars and an open-air terrace.

What really impressed was the professionalism and friendliness of the hard-working waiters, weaving in and out of the crowd bearing trays of drinks, chatting with those in attendance and making a big contribution to the overall vibe.

Come 04:00, Igor was back on the decks to bring the evening to a close. For some of us, it was our first visit to this totally redesigned venue and we all left with a very positive impression.

Judging by this performance, Akasha looks set to consolidate its position as the foremost nightlife venue in the north of Ibiza.

True to its Sanskrit origin meaning 'atmosphere', Akasha has it in abundance. We would recommend anyone in search of a great night out to pay a visit to this intimate venue over the course of the upcoming season and check out another dimension of Ibiza club life.

WORDS | by William McKenzie

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