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Pintxa San Antonio food festival

Food, fantastic prices and fun

Every Donnerstag from 14 Mär 2019 until 18 Apr 2019
Ab: 18:00

Wo: San Antonio, Ibiza

The Pintxa is a competition between the local bars who offer a "pintxo" (a mini appetiser pierced with a cocktail stick and often served on a piece of bread) plus a soft drink, beer or wine or tapa plus drink and customers then vote for their favourite bar.

Pintxo + drink : 2,50€
Only pintxo : 2,00€
Tapa + Drink : 4,50€
Tapa : 4,00€

Read our news article about the event of last year here.

More info on Facebook page of Pintxa San Antonio.

Download the full programme here (PDF).

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