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Is this the best way to fly to Ibiza?

Surf Air is coming to Ibiza so you can fly here whenever you want.

If flying to Ibiza for the weekend whenever you want is your dream, then save your cash for this new elite membership-based air service from private airline Surf Air.

US company, Surf Air arrives in Europe this summer 2017 and for €4,350 per month and a €1000 one-off membership fee, you can fly to Ibiza as many times as you want each month.

Flights to Ibiza will operate for now between London and Zurich with the company hoping to have eight routes by the end of the year, if the service is a success. Additional cities will include places like Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona.

Professional clubbers who want to easily access the island's legendary superclubs would love this service as would anyone with deep pockets.

Surf Air tells us they have many incoming enquiries about the air service, which the company has made super easy. You can book directly via the Surf Air app or online and access your plane in a private terminal, meaning you only need to arrive 15 minutes before your flight. A ‘care manager' is assigned to members too who will arrange transfers or a even a hotel.

Cabin of one of Surf Air's fleet of planes

Being able to dive in and out of Ibiza, means you can come for the night, eat in a fantastic restaurant and enjoy the buzz of the night before heading home. Most people will probably want to stay longer since with much faster travel times, short trips are easier.

The basic monthly membership gets two flight passes going up to six passes for around double the basic €2100 fee.

Simon Talling-Smith, CEO of Surf Air Europe commented: 'Large numbers of people are travelling between a network of cities that are generally less than a two hour flight apart. The chance for frequent fliers to show up for a flight just 15 minutes before departure is really attractive.'

So, if your wallet is fat and travelling for weekends on Ibiza in rapid time is what you want, now there is a service for you.

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