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Eat, dance and be free in nature at Cova Santa

A hilltop restaurant and immersive theatre party experience for an Ibiza dining and clubbing experience like no other.

A supreme dining or clubbing experience - or a combination of the two, Cova Santa is a restaurant and club like no other. Set on a hillside amidst rolling Ibiza countryside and next to a natural underground cave, the setting could not be more magical.

Dining under the stars in the restaurant with the carefully-crafted menu of Espai Kru, the famed high-class Spanish restaurateurs, is a wonderful experience on any day of the week.

Going there to eat during one of the venue's parties from the elevated vantage point of the dining area is extra special - a window onto dance displays, the super sounds of live DJ sets and the buzzing atmosphere of the party. The vibe is intimate and immense.

The food experience

Oysters chilled and flavoured to delight your sense of taste

The menu has been painstakingly curated by leading Spanish restaurateurs Espai Kru. An ethos of sourcing local ingredients with food and flavour influences from around the world with the freshest of fish and seafood the stars of the menu.

The freshest oysters, carpaccios of succulent tuna toro - the most prized cut, platters of sashimi, cured anchovy fillets flavoured with wood smoke and whole-cooked turbot - each stand out individually.

Carnivores need not worry, as some of the primest cuts of beef such as Wagyu can be cooked to your liking - right in front of your eyes - pure culinary immersive theatre. See our review to get an insight on the incredible food.

immersive theatre

Partying in the open air at Cova Santa is a thrilling experience

If you haven't managed to make your way to one of Cova Santa's party events this year, know that there's still time to fit one in. Next up is the thrilling final installment of The Storytellers on 14 August, the final 2018 installment of the immersive partystarters mini series of events. with the third show Dancing Into Dreamland Part II.

Damian Lazarus and Ricardo Villalobos front proceedings with further special guests to be revealed at this special party that combines a considered music policy with drama, theatre, performance and mindfulness.

Then on 17 August it's time for El Fabuloso, celebrating eight years on the island and billing itself as the "pool party of the year" starting from 17:00 and running until 06:00.

Look out for Lorena Castell's Bingo for Ladies, whilst hostess Silvia Superstar is accompanied by Carlos Areces, La Terremoto de Alcorcón, Edgar Zombie Kids and resident DJs.

Plus each Sunday from now until the end of August is Cova Santa's weekly party WooMooN. Purveyors of deep house and live acts steer you through a journeying soundtrack.

Regular faces found playing include Blond:ish, Oliver Koletzki and rampue. You will even find stalls selling a range of worldly garments and trinkets, plus relaxation areas for inner contemplation. A spiritual experience of discovery.

With the worship of celestial bodies and the female form as its central theme, it's little wonder that WooMooN is regarded as the modern manifestation of Ibiza's hippy roots.

The Setting

With its sloping concourse and tiered platforms, Cova Santa has been beautifully assimilated into its natural surroundings. What you get is an enchanted atmosphere with stunning views across San José's countrside. Nature and humanity in seamless synchronicity.

Low-level lighting and a hanging canopy create an electric, intimate setting whilst retaining that Balearic open-air charm.

Dance. Dream. Feast. Cova Santa combines culinary swagger with the best of partying - now's it's time to get your own personal experience of this fabulous venue.

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Cova Santa


Cova Santa


Cova Santa


Cova Santa


Cova Santa


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