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Discover the magic of Ibiza's almond trees in bloom

With the White Isle's almond trees already flowering, it's time to go and see a wonderful natural spectacle.

One of the many wonders of Ibiza is its almond trees in bloom in the very first months of the year. After a warm end to last year, the start of 2020 has seen a good amount of early bloomers, with some of the island's almond trees already sprouting their characteristic pinkish white flowers.

Why go?

As you drive through the countryside or to the beach for a winter walk or dip, look at the side of the roads to see if you can spot the delicate and pretty flora. When you see a pale pink glow emanating from the fields and valleys, you'll instantly be able to recognise the wonder that is these trees in flower, a spectacle that lights up midwinter.

If daytime is the pretty yang of these trees' beautiful blossom, nighttime is the ethereal yin, when the flowers take on a silver-white glow lit by the moonlight, with the best time to see this around the full moon. As long as there's no cloud cover, expect an otherworldly, almost supernatural experience you won't quickly forget and that will fill you with joy.

Where is it?

One of the best places to see the trees blooming is in the island's north around the charming village of Santa Inés, which is in the nature park of Es Amunts, an area of special protection. You'll also see them in the San Juan Valley and in the San José countryside, along the road from San Antonio and even going towards Cala Conta.

When to go

Almond blossom by night in the light of the full moon

From right now all through to early March, though usually January and especially February are best; given that the trees are starting to flower, you'll be able to go now.

There are usually organised walks taking you to see the almond trees blooming. We like these as it gives you time to mingle, be social and share this beautifully replenishing experience with others. If you prefer to do it yourself, then, simply drive to the areas we suggest and remember to take some snaps to share on Instagram.

Top tip

Walking Ibiza's next full moon walks take place Saturday 8 February and Sunday 9 February 2020 and is an island must-do activity. Simply head to the meeting point of the church in Santa Inés for a wonderful guided tour with the island's leading walking group. Remember to take a torch and after the walk, head to the local bar for some convivial drinks with new friends to warm up.

Note: February and March 2020's full moon dates are both on the 9th of each month. In the days preceding and following each one, the moon is relatively full and good for seeing this spectacle.

IBIZA AND almonds?

Calçots straight off the grill, ready for almond-rich romescu sauce

Almond trees have been cultivated on Ibiza, it is believed, since Phoenician times over 2,500 years ago. The fruit of the tree, the nut, is used extensively in Ibizan cuisine. It is a key ingredient in Salsa de Nadal, a Christmas sauce and romescu, a spicy tomato based sauce that's served with grilled vegetables or calçots, the large spring-onion-like vegetable which are on menus now until April. You'll also find almonds on menus in the many low-season restaurant festivals that start in November such as Ibiza Sabor or Restaurat.

Production of almonds has had a boost over the last few years from local environmental groups. Thanks to them, the island now has a cracking machine to replace the traditional hand-cracking that was the way for centuries.

Article revised in January 2020

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