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Interview: Oliver $

Hannah Davies speaks with Oliver $ and discusses the success of his track ´Doing ya thing´.

Spotlight: First and foremost tell us who Oliver Dollar is…
Oliver $: I would say a little bedroom DJ who actually made it to Beatport number 1 and I don't know how it happened but I am still doing my stuff and I am always the last to put out my records but I never really wanted to be the main spotlight man but it is how it is and now I have to deal with it.

Where´s home?
I'm from Germany; I have been living in Berlin for 11 years and previously lived in the North of Germany.

What is your background? Tell us how you got into DJ'ing and producing?
The first contact I had was when my cousin took me under his wing when I was 12, but back in the day it was more about trance and I was totally into it and I thought I want to do similar stuff but a bit different. So that that was my first contact with that kind of music.

You are also part of Chubby Dubz, why have you chosen to do solo work as well?
Erm, I tried my solo work even before I started that in 2004/5 but Gene Siewing is such a good friend and he is also doing his solo stuff now so we thought it was a perfect combination like I am doing the beats and stuff and he has got the voice and that's basically it.

Where do you find your inspiration from for your music?
Everywhere! I am hearing a lot of music; old stuff, new stuff… and I am getting exited basically by everything from hip hop to charts and when I hear something nice I want to sample it.

You released your track ‘Doin ya thing' this summer, which went to number 1 on Beatport, what was the concept behind this?
Basically doing a little bootleg thing for me and my friend.

Tell us how you made it…
I suppose like I do any of my tracks; building the beat putting the baseline underneath, finding the right sample and put it on top, nothing really special.

What does Moodymann think of it?
Well we have had contact with him recently and I think he likes the track. Let's see what happens maybe we'll get some remix's.

Why did you choose to use his words?
I mean he is one of my biggest heroes and I was like wow he has a real energy in his voice and I thought the slang was really cool, basically it's a party tune and he is really doing that kind of preacher thing and I thought wow this sample is perfect so I just put it on the beat.

How would you best describe your style of music?
I would say in general house music, I mean it's a wide genre from hip house to house to every kind of house and in general I would just say house.

You are going to Australia at the end of the year, why did you choose to go there? Have you played there before?
I toured Australia two years ago and it´s time to go back now plus it is summer over there when I go so I get away from winter in cold Germany.

What's the Australian crowd like?
Slightly different to European crowd, sure they know how to party but I'll have to play some other tracks on that tour as it isn't the kind of after hour European crowd who I usually play for.

Where is your favourite place to play?
We have awesome times at Panorama Bar in Berlin, there are a lot of clubs in the world but in general I think Panorama.

Have you got any forthcoming collaborations or releases you can tell us about?
My new single is finished it is coming out in a few weeks and then I am working on my album and there are a few collaborations on that too. I don't want to talk about them now as I want to complete it first and I think it will be ready in early September.

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