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Live music and cinema at San Antonio

Don't miss cultural Sundays right behind San Antonio's church.

Every Sonntag from 14 Jul 2019 until 15 Sep 2019
Ab: 20:00

Wo: San Antonio, Ibiza

Summer nights are for being "al fresco" and enjoying culture and music.

That's why San Antonio's Townhall has organised some special events for Sunday summernights in 2019.

Both music and open-air movies are held in the plaza right behind the San Antonio's church.

On Sunday 11 August they are showcasting Bohemian Rhapsody movie in Original Version; Sunday 25 August is time for A Star is Born, also in O.V.

On Sunday 18 August is the turn for some culture includin workshops, live painting, traditional dancing, a Sardinade and live concert.

Finally, Sundays in September are covered with live music from Ibizan bands to afro-latin music.

For more information and details, see the full programme below:

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