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San Antonio Fiesta

If you're on the island, don't miss Fiesta of San Antonio.

Every day from 11 Jan 2019 until 24 Feb 2019
Ab: 10:00

Wo: San Antonio, Ibiza

From the 11 of January to the 24 of February, enjoy Flamenco Festival, popular paella, Zinètic film festival, shows, big party 'Music of the 80s & 90s' and much more (on the 17 January, the big day).

And don't miss these events on the...

19 January - 11:30 - 6th world pork and rice championships with music, vino and food in Calle Rosel

20 January - 10:00 Nordic walk. Meeting point City Hall of San Antonio

10 February - 13:30 Musical Paella, live music with a retro feel in the marquee

Download the full programme here (PDF Spanish/ Catalan).

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