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Review: Somiart Restaurant, Santa Eulalia

We went to dinner and got a lot more than we expected!

So, you're looking for an Ibiza restaurant offering good value, excellent food, a great drinks selection and fantastic service? Ok, let's throw in a sea-view, entertainment and, mmm, maybe some live art? Hey, you want the whole works right? You're on holiday!

Dining with World-Class Entertainment

If you are lucky enough to be strolling along the promenade on a typically wonderful, balmy evening in Ibiza's Santa Eulalia this summer, be sure to look out for Somiart. The 'Foc y Fum' (that's Smoke and Fire) artists who perform there, regularly grace the biggest parties on the island (indeed the world). From Space to Pacha and everywhere in-between. They tour Miami and China in the winter. You are in for a very special treat.

From the moment you sink your grateful bottom into one of Xavier's blissfully comfortable chairs (hand-made by his friend), you begin to smile. Perhaps from beneath thoughtfully positioned cream muslim fabrics draped over wooden beams shipped in especially from Indonesia. Why? Because they were the perfect beams. And Xavier only does perfect.

Somiart Restaurant, Santa Eulalia - View

The Restaurant Experience

Our perfect Ibiza evening began the pre-dinner cocktails at around 7pm. Each one delicious and beautifully presented. The gin mojito was particularly sublime. The accompanying lightly toasted, locally produced bread with olives and traditional alioli were wholesome and perfectly timed.

Then the starters arrived. The scallops were cooked expertly and served with crispy strips of ham that proved to be a particularly flavoursome combination. The creamy goat's cheese salad was served with mixed greens and a plethora of mixed berries and walnuts. The house white wine was a fresh and well-balanced, buttery Chardonnay.

Somiart Restaurant, Santa Eulalia - Nibbles

Exceptional Customer Service

There was a 15 minute wait between starters and mains, during which we were surprised with an in-between-course nibble of delectable Foie Gras(naturally produced). Mmm! It started to feel a little chilly as the sun sank into Santa Eulalia's misty horizon. The waiter noticed and politely asked if I would like a sarong to wrap around my shoulders? How charming!

Suddenly the lights and music changed. A beautiful operatic score, tinged with sadness and poignancy filled the space. Out came Xavier, resplendent in white, looking like a serene Ibiza harlequin, flourishing a large white hoop. In a flash the hoop was clipped onto a wire suspended from the ceiling and before our eyes unfolded an exquisite piece of performance art. Gracefully acrobatic and skilfully theatrical. Wow, poetry in motion!

Somiart Restaurant, Santa Eulalia - Xavier

The Food

As Xavier departed to delighted applause, the main courses arrived. My companion had ordered the duck and sautéed pear with some trepidation, confessing that she disliked an ‘over-gamey' taste. But not in this restaurant! Comments such as ‘how tender' ‘delectable' and ‘to die for' stand out in my mind!

Liking to eat food as locally sourced as possible prompted me to order the steamed Turbot, caught freshly, right here in the Mediterranean, close to Ibiza. It was light, mild tasting and expertly prepared with sautéed potatoes and baby vegetables flavoured with lemon and fresh herbs. Simple, wholesome and sustainable.

Once again Xavier appeared with his next piece of stunningly visual performance art.This time with a long length of fabric which was again clipped to the wire suspended from the ceiling. For a moment, he became a magnificent acrobatic angel, the next, with a flick of the fabric and a deft twist of the body, he became cupid, complete with metaphorical bow and arrow. Absolutely magical. Was I really in a restaurant?!

Somiart Restaurant, Santa Eulalia - Main Course

The Family History

Xavier's parents are artists and he grew up in a rustic country house here in Ibiza. “It was a very simple, natural life” explained Xavier. “We had no TV or even electricity. My parents made us toys to play with and we would run and jump and swing from things for fun. That's where my love of acrobatics and theatre began.”

Somiart means ‘dream of art' in Ibicenco, the local dialect of Catalan spoken in Ibiza. And that is what Somiart's visionary owner did. Right here in Santa Eulalia! He dreamt of a perfect restaurant, bringing together his love of fine food, dance, theatre, performance and art, created with passion for the world to enjoy.

I confess that I could rave for hours about Somiart. From the scrupulously clean and sweet-smelling bathrooms, to the sculptures made by his twin sister, every detail has been lovingly attended to. He supports the much-loved lbiza children's charity, APNEEF. That is quite aside from the fact that the white chocolate soup I had for dessert quite possibly changed my life. Do I recommend it? Hell yes! Go immediately!

Quick Facts

Where: Santa Eulalia promenade

When: Seasonal, 26 April - 04 Oct. Open lunch-times and evenings till June. After June, evenings only from 4pm-2am.

What: gorgeous food, fantastic entertainment. A show every half an hour from 8-9pm, onwards

Why: fantastic service. Drinks promotions. special events.

Look out for: monthly full-moon party with traditional Ibicencan music and dance and free Hierbas!

Average spend per head €35-45 inc. drinks. Disabled access.

For more info and/or reservations call Somiart on 971 336 386

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