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3 Spots for people watching in Santa Eulalia

People watching in Santa Eularia? We've got the best spots right here...

People watching is a pleasant pastime, whether on holiday or in your own home town. The ingredients for perfect people watching include a location with great footfall, preferably situated in the sun and even better if refreshments are available. Here are 3 perfect places to people watch in Santa Eulalia.

Bar Royalty and Bar Can Cosmi

There are two bars in the heart of Santa Eulalia on the Placa d'Espanya and the adjacent passeig de s'Alamera. The bar Royalty is frequented by the Spanish crowd and the bar opposite, Can Cosmi, is frequented by Brits. As the bars are located on a crossroads, people are coming from every direction. Holiday makers coming from the beach, local residents visiting the post office or banks, either of the two visiting calle Sant Vicent where the restaurants are. If you are looking for a place to while away an hour or two, reading the paper, watching the people go by, having a coffee or a beer, both of these are ideal destinations.

Puig de Missa

On the hill overlooking Santa Eulalia is a traditional church built in the XVI century for protection against attacks from pirates. Apart from the sensational view of Santa Eulalia, in this location you will spot all kinds of people taking time out, having quiet conversations, or visiting the small museum and church. At weekends you may be lucky enough to see weddings or people dressing up for the Sunday service at the church. This is a prime spot for seeing processions and the frequent festivals, with Easter being a highlight.

El Puntal, Tapas Bar

Situated in the busy Santa Eulalia beach walk, at El Puntal you can sit in the sun and enjoy a great selection of tapas and wines overlooking the marina entrance. It is a great spot to experience the buzz of the marina with its luxurious yachts and mix of holiday makers and workers. Remember, when you are taking time out to relax and enjoy people watching, you are in a prime location. Don't forget to smile, someone may be looking back at you!

WORDS | Louise Ware

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