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Music and tapas with Cañas’n’Roll

Rocking the weekend in Ibiza's San José

What a party! It's fiesta time in San José and that means it's time for Cañas'n'Roll. This is the time when the village is teeming with locals and visitors all getting down to the winter vibe of live music, cheap beer, tapas and pintxos.

The first weekend went off with a bang with Racó Verd offering us music from Wind Rose, an all female, leather-clad rock band who performed a wide range of feisty covers ranging from AC/DC's Back in Black right through to recent favourite Uptown Funk. Tasty snacks were provided by the talented young chef Alvaro to soak up the free-flowing beer and wine and thanks to Sam and Clare's fantastic bar team nobody was left with an empty glass.

Infectious music

Over the road at Bar Can Xicu during the afternoon we were treated to DJ Javi Box playing some great crowd-pleasers such as The Cure, The Ramones and The Killers, Then later in the day, the band Keep A Rocking took the stand and a combination of the barrels of beer and the infectious rock 'n' roll led to dancing in the street. Yes really, you can leave your inhibitions at home; this is Ibiza after all!. By early evening it was standing room only on the broad pavements of San José and Xicu's famous burgers were being wolfed down by the hungry hoards.

Then it was back to Racó Verd to enjoy the DJ Andy Wilson where we could rest our legs in the pretty courtyard whilst listening to cool Ibiza sounds, surrounded by ancient olive trees, billowing blossom, twinkling lights and original art, chatting and laughing with friends long into the evening.

After a good night's sleep it was time to get going again and for Sunday a visit to the charming restaurant of Can Limo was in order. Just outside the village of San José in the direction of San Antonio, this classy Peruvian joint played host to the Norberto Rodriguez Band who wowed the audience with their sophisticated jazz. It's always a treat when you get to hear world class music right on your doorstep. Trays of elegant, tasty tapas were on offer all day and giant G&Ts were flowing from the bar.

Bands to please the crowds

Elsewhere in the area local band Blues Mafia were keeping the crowd happy at Can Jordi Blues Station and a total of nine bars in the San José area including those mentioned above and Stop!, Ibosim, Can Berri, Can Pa and Zafiro are participating in the parties which are happening every weekend until 17 December as well as the fiesta days on 6 and 8 December. Don't miss the opportunity to check out The Frigolos who are playing their final gig at Can Jordi on the 17th.

There are still two more weekends to come till this great event ends, so make your way on over. Can you stay the course? Get yourself to San José for Cañas'n'Roll. It's going to be a rocky ride!

WORDS | Anne McPherson

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