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Dunes: an oasis in Playa d’en Bossa

We visited Playa d'en Bossa on a busy Saturday night to check-out it's coolest hangout, slap bang in the centre of the action.


Why go? One of Playa d'en Bossa's most swish venues, Dunes has a vibrant atmosphere

What kind of things are on the menu? Dozens of thirst-quenching cocktails, a wide selection of local and international beers, plus a selection of snack food

Who is it for? Pre- or post-party - or even just as a meeting point - ideal for groups seeking drinks and incredible electronic background music

Can anyone go? Children are welcome throughout the day, although after dark the venue does take on a more adult-orientated vibe

Best table? Depending on your mood, you can lounge on the corner sofas or perhaps you'll prefer a secluded booth tucked around the back

the venue

Located at the midway point of the main thoroughfare through Playa d'en Bossa, Dunes is ideally positioned either during the day or for drinks at night. With breakfast, lunch and dinner all on offer, you can visit for the first meal of the day or sample a wide variey of drinks later on.

The hangout is a hybrid of surfer's beach shack and American-style diner. The cargo net and hanging wicker baskets lending themselves well to the former, whilst the candyfloss pink and bubblegum blue booth seating are indicative of the latter.

Outside the front, there is a sofa area, as well as tables with booths from which to choose. DJs spin a selection of underground deep and tech house. Inside and upstairs, there is a designated club space.

Upstairs hosts latin music and traditional dancing every Saturday

Known to host some bubbling pre-parties and crazy after parties in the past, Saturdays are reserved for traditional Latin music.

With our dancing abilities limited to cutting shapes on the club dance floors, we decided to leave it to the experts on this occasion.


Boasting a cosmopolitan crowd and various seating areas, this is a great spot to enjoy drinks and conversation for groups. With 2018 being a World Cup year, Dunes will be the perfect hangout to watch the games and soak up the atmosphere, irrespective of your national allegiance.

Playa d'en Bossa is famed for having an especially busy Saturday night, drawing crowds of people from all over the island – and the night we went was no different. The strip is teeming with a cross-section of locals, tourists and workers.

Watching the world go past at 100 miles per hour, it's difficult not to feel caught-up in the kinetic transfer of energy.

Set back from the hustle and bustle of the street, Dunes offers a sanctum of respite. It is both far enough removed from the street, yet close enough for a front row seat to watch the world roll – or run - by.


Master at work, Dunes's mixologist creates cool cocktails

Reclining back and unwinding whilst the street rages mere feet away, we decided to sample the expansive cocktail menu. Each one sounds captivating, though we end up opting for some well known favourites.

Our smiling waitress appeared with our drinks, elevating the tray with Olympian-skilled balance. The old adage is that you eat with your eyes, but on this evidence, you drink with them too.

The mojito sticks to the tried and tested, traditional formula. This is to its credit. You don't meddle with a classic. Crushed limes, brown sugar, garnished with mint leaves and a real kick from the Havana rum.

First sign of the sun by night: a Tequila Sunrise

The strawberry Daiquiri is equally tantalising. Made with fresh fruit and crushed ice, it comes with a thick, creamy texture – so much so, that the alcohol content is well masked. Later, we ordered more and soon found ourselves tittering on the edge of tipsiness. Like a Trojan horse, their moreish nature had cunningly sabotaged our sobriety.

Even the non-alcoholic fruit punch is a refreshing sensation, full of electrolyte-restoring orange and pineapple juice. The ideal tipple for nursing those niggling hangovers... we imagine!

At this point, the chat and people watching had worked up an appetite. Having perused the menu, we ordered the Dunes Combo – a sharing platter consisting of a hamper of fried breaded delights. They come served on a two-tier stand and bedded down on a layer of crisp lettuce.

Breaded delights - ideal for sharing

We chowed down on the mix of tempura prawns, jalapeno cheese bites, crispy chicken wings and mozzarella sticks, dunking them into the complementary dips.

A large group moved in on the table adjacent to ours. Listening in, we understand they'd made a tactical half-time pitstop. As well as refueling, they chat about their antics either side. That's another great thing about Dunes. Whether you are starting, ending or in the middle of your night, it serves as a great base to regroup.

In summary, Dunes is a concept that combines fun times, good music and escape from the often crazy Playa d'en Bossa pavement.

A bar that also serves food, it successfully straddles the line of being both calm, yet vibrant. With low-flying planes swooping overhead, bolshie beats and an endless conveyor belt of passers-by, it's easy to understand.

Dunes provides a convenient juncture in lush surroundings, no matter what stage of your night. A true urban oasis, a place to meet up, enjoy good company and make some memories.

Ibiza Spotlight tip: Doing the famed ANTS at Ushuaïa and Black Coffee at Hï double header? Pause for drinks at the halfway point and indulge on Dune's wide variety of cocktails.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson

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