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Art on Ibiza in unusual places

Beyond the museum.

When you think of where to find art, you may think of galleries and museums or the private collections of the rich. Ibiza has been home to a variety of artists in many disciplines from all over the world for years - in many ways Ibiza IS art; it bursts across all borders. Great works can now be found in more types of public place than ever, from out on the street to in hotels and restaurants and more. Discover our top picks on where to go to be inspired by fabulous artworks on the island.

ME Ibiza Hotel

Artwork by Victoria Topping

A hotel that employs an art, music and lifestyle curator is going to take the art world seriously. Art is woven into the stylish chain Melía Hotel ME Hotel chain and the ME Ibiza Hotel is no exception. Currently on display are works by British artist Victoria Topping, whose distinctive images fuse multiple techniques, textures and images and are influenced strongly by music from ‘70s jazz to disco. She calls it “music for the eyes”. Seeing really is believing, so make your way to the exhibition before it ends mid-September this year.

From 12 September through to the 2019 summer season end, will be a new exhibition from artist Ana Novella. Her works tell stories, not with words, but with canvas and brush, bringing out fantastical images that seem to almost jump out at you. Make sure to make a date with one of these two great artists. For an aperçu of the art and music that's graced the six ME Hotels worldwide, check out the chain's Instagram hashtag #theculturecollective.

Nagai Ibiza

Aída Miró Geisha painting at Nagai Ibiza

A beautiful setting for beautiful art is what you'll find in the current “Splendidas” exhibition at Japanese fusion restaurant, Nagai Ibiza, with paintings and sculptures as well curated as the restaurant itself. Complementing the exterior wall murals of Geishas, locally-born artist Aída Miró has created a series of gorgeous lacquered Geishas, currently adorning the walls of Nagai's interior. The paintings were started in The Bronx, New York, then finished on Ibiza; they use resin - a new material for the graffiti artist - and are illuminated by LED lighting. Simply stunning.

Statue by Sophie Waardenburg

Long term Ibiza resident, the Dutch sculptor Sophie Waardenburg is also displaying her series of statuettes at Nagai. They use natural materials and are aimed at showing the serenity, strength and beauty of the female body. At this place, the art feels really at home, matching the creativity and beauty of the plates of food served. Head here for a true enchanted, art-filled evening.,

Las Dalias

Art on the outside

It's no surprise that long standing hippy market Las Dalias, offers an outlet for top artists. Liberarte, a monthly event, showcases several guest artists, accompanied by performances and music. Look out for the next art event during its Night Market on 23 September this year and expect a cavalcade of top talent from various places.

Las Dalias presents an array of art disciplines

Most recently, on display has been a great mix of art with the works of photographers Madrid-based Lorena Portero and Brussels-based Valentina Riccardi. Other artists to have featured the Ibiza-based sculptor and painter Gerhard Höhn and Argentinian illustrator, Claudio Baucela. A visual feast of many more disciplines is the name of the game, so mark your calendars for the next one.

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel

Three works from the recent exhibition of artist Sabek

Probably the first hotel on Ibiza with an independent art gallery, the Paris based ADDA Gallery has made a big impression at the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel. Its ethos is focussed very much on contemporary art, featuring local Ibizan artists and International talent. Most recently, it was the turn of Madrid artist Sabek, whose bold animal striking silhouette pieces offered both a brave lack of background and great use of main image colour.

From today until mid October this year, step into the ADDA Gallery to see a new exhibition on eroticism, called "O" featuring ten artists from different countries and artistic disciplines, such as urban art, photography and illustration. This exhibition aims to bring out everything from the romantic, sensual and even humorous side of carnal love. O is a returning exhibition for the gallery, so there will be more occasions to catch it.

Bloop - open air gallery

No fear by pelucas

Perhaps one of the biggest art contributions to the island has been that of the Bloop Art Festival's initiative, the Open Air Gallery. A series of murals that first began life in 2011 have helped transform urban areas into places of beauty, with the installation of these marvellous outdoor masterpieces. Many of the them have been placed in areas that are lesser known and disadvantaged, so their presence is a powerful positive message.

Multiverse by Okuda

You'll find these murals in San Antonio, Ibiza Town, San José and Santa Eulalia, with a collection of over 30 different works - each year new ones are added too with each new edition of the annual festival. Of course admission to see them is totally free in line with the Bloop philosophy that “Art is for everyone”. Click on the Open Air Gallery tab at the link above to find the map on where to find them, including those above.

MAIN IMAGE | Aída Miró on display at Nagai Ibiza

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